See more details of converter kits and their uses for the marine world


Converter Kit is here as a solution for processing fuel oil into gas fuel in order to achieve cost efficiency for fishermen to go to sea. The technology development here in the form of the Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF) system allows the ship’s engine to use two types of fuel, namely diesel and gas, to achieve optimal energy use between CNG which has high efficiency and diesel with high power.

The converter kit technology that converts gasoline or diesel engines into gas engines has been costed by us for more than 3 years and has produced several types/generations of converter kits that have advantages according to the development phase. Like  nox 5 emulator, With this technology, it is hoped that countries in the world can maximize their marine potential with support through the sustainable energy sector. In addition, the increase in marine potential is also a significant impact of the development of research and technology.

This product is very useful for the sustainability of fishermen in looking for fish in the sea. The boats used by fishermen to go to sea are very dependent on fuel oil. In some countries the price of fuel oil has started to soar, therefore an alternative energy is needed in the form of gas fuel which has a better combustion efficiency than fuel oil and a cheaper price.

In addition, the development of this converter kit is the development of this second generation Industrial Technology that utilizes an automatic electronic system in controlling the flow of fuel so that its consumption is more efficient and safe. Financing for the development was then continued for testing the stability of use on fishing boats and hand tractor plow machines. So far, man adblue emulator as the fuel target is still relying on LPG cylinder fuel for households.