Should You Rent A Van Or A UTE?


If you are often trying to decide if you should rent a van or a UTE vehicle, then this article is definitely going to give you a better perspective regarding a couple of situations that highlight the benefits of each of those vehicles. By seeing which vehicle fits a certain scenario better, your choice should be much easier next time you decide to rent one of them.

Why rent a van?

Renting a van is definitely one of the most common options out there because of the fact that it is a really good option for all kinds of moves. If you check out, you will be able to see that there are various van sizes available for renting, which is extremely useful when it comes to moving, especially if larger models are needed.

UTE vehicles are usually much smaller when compared to vans that are bigger models, thus they provide less space. Vans also “outdo” a UTE vehicle when it comes to rainy weather, which can sometimes be very useful if you are transporting items on a longer distance.

No one wants to rent a UTE vehicle for a longer distance transport only to be caught by the rain which will get all the items which are being transported wet. Of course, you can prepare yourself with some plastic covers, however, you will get wet while applying them to the UTE. By renting a van, you will avoid those scenarios.

Vans are great for transportation

Renting a UTE has its own advantage

Of course, since vans are a more popular option, sometimes there might not be any vans available, which is technically an advantage of a UTE if a UTE can be used for the situation where you planned to rent a van. For example, if you just need to pick up a big item from a third-party vendor, a UTE is excellent for the job, sometimes even a better option if the item is exceptionally tall.

One of the biggest advantages of UTE hire Sydney according to Go With The Gecko is that UTE vehicles are amazing when it comes to off-road driving, where vans are probably the worst vehicle for an off-road task. UTE vehicles are not only easy to drive off-road, but they are very safe and durable. Knowing that you are not in danger of flipping or crashing while going off-road is always a good thing.

With that said, if you are planning to go camping or fishing with some of your friends, definitely settle for a UTE, as it is a much better and safer vehicle than your car. You can bring many items with you, and you can drive wherever knowing that the vehicle will not be damaged.

UTE vehicles are amazing off-road

Final Word

Since both vans and UTE vehicles have some sort of advantage over one another, it is pretty hard to say which one is better, however, we hope that this article will be able to help you when it comes to making a decision of which vehicle to rent for specific situations.