Should Your Car Go for a Bumper Repair or Replacement?


There are several ways that a car or vehicle bumper can get damaged. The cause behind the damage can be a severe accident or a sudden collision with a pole or any solid embankment. But irrespective of the reason your car bumper has received the damage, it needs to be brought back to its normal and original condition.

Depending upon the kind and severity of the damage, the treatment for your car bumper can be ascertained. For example, if your car bumper is damaged to the extent of a big dent, the treatment is going to be nothing more than a bumper repair. The process will involve pulling out the dent, filling the gaps, and smoothening the surface back to its original state.

So, it is a kind of small repair work that can solve your car bumper issue. But not every damage can be treated this simply. In many cases, the damage caused to the car bumper might cross the stage of repair work and can be fixed only by replacing the entire bumper.

No doubt, replacing a car bumper is much more expensive than repairing it. Sometimes, it might also become difficult to get the exact replacement of the bumper of a car model, which is now discontinued in the market. But, if the requirement says your car bumper can only be treated with a replacement, there will be no other option available to dodge it. So, it is better to know the basic facts, regarding when your car bumper can be repaired, and when it needs an immediate replacement. The following points will list down all those probable situations where a car bumper can be repaired, and when it needs to be replaced.

When the Bumper Develops a Crack

The most common damage in which the car bumper will always need to be replaced, instead of being repaired, is when it develops a crack. Even a hairline crack will need a replacement essentially. It is so because, when it is cracked, the car bumper loses its structural integrity, and hence it cannot play its role in preventing your car from a rough crash.

When the Bumper Hooks Get Damaged

One yet another reason why a car bumper can need an immediate replacement rather than repair work is when the hooks that are placed on the bumper get damaged severely or break down. The car bumpers that have hooks placed on them are meant to help the car adhere well to the valance panel and protect the grill as well as the splash guard. If the hooks get damaged or break off, the bumper might fall down or even come off entirely from its place. In such cases, replacing the entire bumper remains to be the only option, since to date the replacement of the bumper hooks is not possible.

So, if your car bumper encounters any of these above-mentioned issues, it is better to take your car for an immediate bumper replacement service.