Snow Foam vs Regular Wash Detergents


Maintaining your car is one of the requirements for a durable and well performing car. One of the maintenance aspects is washing your car regularly. Now, for those of you who do not know, there are various ways of washing your car. One is the regular wash detergent and the other is snow foam sprays. For car enthusiasts, especially those who are into car detailing in UAE  and like to keep the car shining all the time, know precisely what we are talking about.

For non-car enthusiasts, do not worry. We will be explaining everything in detail. But before doing that, let us discuss why washing and keeping it clean is vital.

Car Value

Would you buy a car that has been poorly maintained over the years? A car that is full of dirt, rust, mud, and other contaminants. Or would you prefer purchasing a well-maintained and clean car. In short, regularly washing your car increases its value. Therefore, in case you want to sell it, you can get a good price for it.


Contaminants can cause rust. Even leaving your car out in the rain can cause rust. It is why one must always dry their car as soon as possible. Water and the metal chemical react which causes rust to build up. It is the same for other contaminants. Therefore, if you want a durable vehicle, always wash it properly.

Damage Avoidance

Driving around causes dirt, dust, mud, snow (depending on where you live and the current season) and other particles to latch onto the vehicle. You might not realize it, but these contaminants contain particles which are harmful. They can cause rust and even damage the paint job. Only way to avoid them is by washing the car regularly.

Now, that you know why washing the vehicle is critical, it is time to come back to our original discussion.

Snow Foam

Snow foam is a detergent which is used during the washing process. To be brief, it is just spraying suds onto the vehicle. This can be done in multiple ways. The best way is through a pressure washer. The foam loosens the dirt and when you rinse it off, the dirt comes off. It makes the vehicle as good as new.

How it differs from regular detergents need to be understood to ascertain its real value. Firstly, it is pH neutral which means that your paint will not be harmed. It is quite cost-efficient too. A 100 mL of snow foam is more than enough for a standard vehicle. Unlike other detergents, it is quite eco-friendly. Therefore, you do not have to worry about harming the planet while washing your car. Lastly, it increases the shine which improves the overall look of the car.

Regular Wash Detergents

If you plan on using a home cleaning detergent, DON’T! It can damage the paint job and also cause rust to develop. Home cleaning detergents are not made for cars. Their chemical makeup and other properties will ruin your car. On the other hand, there are specific car wash detergents too. These enhance the vehicle’s appearance and wash away contaminants.

Final Thoughts

Deciding between the snow foam and a regular car wash detergent is a tricky choice. Ultimately, both do a good job of cleaning the vehicle. If you are confused, try to use both. Then see which one works best for you.