Special Car Care Offered at Ford Service Stations


Owning a Ford car is a blessing in itself. Not only do you get to enjoy a premium ride quality in every model of this brand you choose, but you also derive immense drive pleasure when you occupy the pilot seat. But apart from this, Ford model owners are entitled to receive lifelong support from the manufacturer in maintaining their vehicle through Ford Service Stations across the globe.

Irrespective of where your current location is, Ford is there to offer you thorough car care through its service stations. Ford makes it possible by enabling a complete range of services at every service station it authorizes. But saying that is not enough to make things clear. So, we thought of presenting you the pieces of information we gathered from the staff members of the Ford service in Winslow, while we experienced some of them ourselves at the same place, by availing its services for our Ford Escape model.

All-Inclusive Service Packages

At any Ford Service Station, what you get for sure is an all-inclusive service package, for your Ford car. If you avail of this service package, you need not bother about anything and can simply receive your Ford car in a condition as good as new both in the senses of its cosmetic look and its performance pattern. Ford carries out this all-inclusive package by including all range of services under the same roof. Unlike the private garages, where you can avail of either auto body services or auto repair ones, at Ford, you get all at one go.

Right from keeping its look new and attractive, Ford also makes sure your Ford car, however aged will run as smoothly as it did when you bought it new. Right from mandatory and regular preventive maintenance services to the services on demand, from collision repair services to intensive cleaning ones, at Ford, you get everything that is required to keep your Ford car healthy.

OEM Parts for Replacement

Whenever your Ford car needs a part replacement, at its service stations you get only manufacturer-approved, factory-made original Ford parts as a replacement. In other words, at any Ford service station, what is essentially followed is that no aftermarket parts are used for replacement, and only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are used.

This automatically ensures that your Ford car will function just the same way it is supposed to since all its parts are replaced by the same original ones, they were manufactured with.

Factory Trained and Certified Mechanics

Once you hand over your car at any Ford service station, you can rest assured that it will be handled with utmost care. Right from the machinery infrastructure to mechanic employment, Ford never takes a chance to lose a game. It allows only its factory-trained and certified mechanics to touch your car and fix its issues.

Overall, Ford takes intensive care of your car once you assign all its services to it. So, schedule Ford service in Winslow today to experience the same.