Sports car rentals by women: why are numbers growing?


Have you noticed that the number of female drivers is increasing?

Women are owning and driving more cars each year. Consider too that certain countries like Saudi Arabia have lifted bans on women driving, so it comes as no surprise that the global number of female drivers is climbing.

Women are also renting more cars, encouraged by higher income, independence, and desire for travelling.

Percentage of female drivers

According to a recent study, about 52% of drivers taking lessons and passing driving exams are female. Throughout history, women became increasingly interested in driving since it’s an easier way to commute and travel.

It’s a well-known fact that men usually drive and rent cars, but nowadays, more women are joining the club. Unique destinations across Europe are now just a few clicks away: women are using this opportunity to explore and learn about new places.

Are female drivers more reliable?

Generally speaking, yes, female drivers tend to be more careful than men, as they are involved in fatal accidents less often. Although women were not a big part of traffic statistics only until recent times, the numbers are on their side today.

On the other hand, this implies that we can expect an increase in female drivers’ numbers as they now represent a significant part of the working force and travellers.

Where do women rent cars?

In European countries like Spain and France, women are more likely to rent a car, as these nations are known for their liberal views. Ladies are now gathering more courage and renting even the most luxurious vehicles with companies like Driverso, which specialises in luxury car rental.

It’s commonplace to see a woman driving a sports car nowadays, especially in Europe, in the United States or Canada.

Sports car rentals by women

Renting a car allows women to feel freedom and independence while exploring unique places and enjoying views. The ability to rent a sports car with exceptional performance and pure luxury can be a dream come true for every passionate driver.

Thanks to a rented car, everyone can visit places in the comfort of their vehicle and organise time according to their desires.

The convenience of driving a sports car was never as easy as it is today. With online platforms like Driverso, you can get the vehicle of your dreams delivered to your address with just a few simple steps.