Stencils for painting: need help to buy them online at affordable prices?


It’s difficult to put up a road sign without the need for a paintbrush or paint pump. For this reason, sign stencils or floor marking templates are indispensable for road work. Anyone can quickly track the terrain and guarantee a net result. In different materials such as wood, brass or PVC, the signage templates save time and have significant precision. At Municipal Signs, we stock a wide range of floor paint stencils and paint accessories. If you can’t find the template adapted to your needs, there is also the possibility of customizing it according to your needs.

Choose your ideal painting template

The main advantage of painting stencils is that they allow you to make custom designs on the floor or on the walls. Sometimes the template designs are simple, but other times these designs are more complex. Templates offer several benefits in the results. The templates offer perfect designs that are difficult to achieve by hand. The stencils have the same appearance and size, which gives a uniform and well-preserved image. They also help make marking faster to perform.

The materials of the insoles for the floor

The templates are available in different materials that offer several advantages.

  • Plastic: A flexible and easy-to-handle material. It can be cleaned after each use and is reusable. They are ideal for outdoor floors.
  • Brass: A long-lasting material. It can be washed and used again after each use. Each brass jig is provided with hooks on both sides, which means that multiple jigs can be put together without unraveling.
  • Aluminum: A durable material that, like brass templates, can be washed and reused. Each stencil has a folded bottom edge that makes it easier to hold without having to paint.
  • Wood: Thick wooden insole that makes the insoles heavy enough to stand firmly even in windy conditions. Unlike lighter weight plastic templates, they do not need to be taped to the wood to prevent the edges from lifting.

Number and letter templates

Templates composed of numbers and letters that can be freely combined to create your own texts and series of numbers and letters. The templates numbers are sold in packages containing numbers 0 to 9. The letter stencils are sold in packages with alphabetical letters AZ. Both numbers and letters are available in various sizes.

Custom templates

To transmit multiple messages and longer texts, you can opt for our custom templates. These templates are custom made with the desired text and avoid having to put together many text templates into words. They also avoid having to buy more packs if more than one letter is needed. Templates may be available with logos and other more complex designs.

Templates for road and linear signage

To create perfect lines there is line templates. The stencils help paint smooth lines on the floor and stylish angles and are exactly 90 degrees. For the placement of the paint stencils it is necessary to have paint sprays for marking the floor, available in different colors. Paint can be applied by hand or with the help of a paint scriber for greater precision.