Steps You Go for in Choosing the Right Motorbike


It is better to be better prepared than less well. And do not think that your license in hand prepares you for everything. The current motorcycle license simply guarantees that you know how to balance on the bike. In most cases, it takes a few thousand kilometers before you are really ready to face an emergency, and get out, either unscathed, or to the hospital if you are poorly prepared.

The national average is much closer to 25 hours of driving and 30 hours for girls (no misogyny, just facts). Conclusion: plan for more time and therefore the right budget. With motos à Sherbrooke you can have many thoughts.

Honda CB650R “Neo Sport Café”

In-depth evolution of the CB650F, the 2019 CB650R is now halfway between the conventional roadster and the neo-retro machine. Although it undergoes a major bridle (95 hp originally) and it must deal with its weight of more than 200 kg, the orientation of the Honda should appeal to many people. You can also be convinced by the smoothness of the 4 cylinders and the very high-end equipment.

If we have not tried this novelty of the market of mid-size roadsters, we must admit that we cannot wait to put myself on his handlebars. Gone is the absolute wisdom of the CBF650. Honda seems to have found the recipe that allowed him to launch the legendary Hornet. With a look that balances between classicism and modernity and a neat finish, the CB650R is clearly envied. Before setting your sights on the latter, consider taking into account its weight. If the machines of the brand with the winged crest are often well balanced, choosing his first bike around the 200 kg imposes to remain humble to avoid disappointments.

Triumph Street Triple S

If you are conquered by a “fat” during your A2 motorcycle license, the Triumph’s 3-cylinder may be a good choice. Flexible and always lively, it is less frustrating than other machines amputated by half their power. The weight is contained (168 kg dry) and can have fun on this machine easier to handle than it seems.

To ride in Street Triple, it is to have the guarantee to take pleasure with each exit. The 3-cylinder English is a real elastic, able to resume from the lowest speeds and push hard in the towers. Despite a necessarily castrating bridle, the block of the Street S offers an undeniable driving pleasure. Side-cycle, nothing to say: British engineers know how to design real scalpels, very reassuring in the curves even on an uneven coating. Check แคชบาร์.


Modern trails offer much better benefits than one could imagine. Now excellent travelers, they also offer crossing capabilities, and the ability to take the side roads where the bitumen is scarce. To choose your first bike cut for adventure is wise.


This trail inspired by the big sister 1200GS clearly plays this trump. Even if the finish is not quite the same level (Indian manufacture), the small GS offers some great benefits. Especially for its price content. It will even venture out of the bitumen without the slightest problem, where it will take advantage of its featherweight of 169 kg. On the other hand, it is a mount less adapted to the big journeys on highway.