Summer tyres

Summer tyres for a hybrid car


Summer tyres are an excellent choice for your hybrid or electric car if you live in an area with no long and harsh winter. This would mean that you can keep one set of tyres trough out the year. Most hybrid and electric cars come factory equipped with summer tyres. With the many advances in summer tyres over the years, it has become the tyre of choice for many car manufacturers andlow rolling resistance. It decreases the amount of energy needed for each journey, allowing the electric or hybrid car to go further. 

Unlike all-season tyres, the summer tyres are not able to handle snow and ice and are therefore not marked with the emblem or mountain snowflake symbol designated for use in severe winter conditions. This is different from an all-season tyre that does actually possess this emblem. This is because the all-season tyre can be considered as a hybrid between summertyres and winter tyres. The summertyres are only safe in the spring, summer and autumn, which is the case in many areas in Southern Europe and some in Central Europe.

Additionally, a summer tyre like the Nokian Waterproof has a unique tread pattern that provides excellent wet grip and a smooth and quiet ride while remaining an environmentally friendly tyre. It also has silent sidewall technology to ensure noise and vibration-free ride. The polished grooves, both lateral and inside,allow the water to evacuate at a higher speed to improve the protectionagainstaquaplaning. Hydroplaning can also occur when the snow on the roads melt and slush is formed, but then you should have winter tyres on your vehicle to cope with that. Winter tyres are equipped to handle slushplaning.

Summer tyres can be used during the whole year in areas without winter weather or at least not with severe winters. With its innovative design,the Nokian Wetproof assures ultimate safety and excellent handling both on wet and dry surfaces. This very eco-friendly tyreallows for excellent grip, so you can rest assured that braking will not be a problem even with the additional weight of a hybrid or electric car. This is because hybrid and electric cars are usually heavier than regular combustion engine cars due to the battery packs. If you live in an area with only warm seasons,the Nokian Wetproof will be an excellent all-year-roundtyre that does not compromise on performance while remaining an environmentally friendly tyre.

When you only use one set of tyres for the whole year, there is a risk that your tyres aren’t as well maintained as if you change between summer and winter tyres. When you change tyres, you tend to visit your tyre service station at least two times per year. It is still important that you still visit them two times per year to rotate the tyres so that your tyre wear will be even and balanced. It improves the tyre life and performance of your car as it will be more balanced.

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