The best Solutions for the Car Detailing and More


When we buy a car we always want to buy the best possible car with the budget we have, for that reason, some time ago we published a post in taller virtual about tips for sharing a new car, even so on that occasion we did not comment on the quality details in the we have to look to fine-tune our choice. To refine a lot, you have to be very attentive, since these details are not always in sight, or even cannot be measured by numbers, sometimes our touch or hearing has a lot to tell us, let’s analyze it. You can opt for the mobile detailer in Irvine, CA  now.

Measurable and visible characteristics

Within the objective characteristics to know the quality of a vehicle, in my point of view, we would have to look at 3 aspects: the exterior, interior and technical part. For the mobile auto detailing atlanta, ga this is important.

The Aspect with the Indicators

One of the indicators on the outside of the car would be the distance between the part and the part of the car, if this distance is small and aligned, it is a sign of quality. If we go inside, there are many points to look at to see if the car auction dallas tx pass the exam. As on the outside, the assembly between pieces would have to be precise , and with a few millimeters between one and the other, in addition to that, all the pieces would have to be well polished and without sharp burrs. For that the car detailing process is important. Another important detail on the panel would be the absence of screws, cables or mechanical parts in the lower parts (near the legs and feet). Continuing with the interiors, it is advisable to look at the quality of the seats are they enveloping? Do they have good thread stitches? To finish with the interior qualities, I always like to look at the trunk of the cars , we might think that this section is not very important, since we only use it to leave cargo, but if there are many metals, screws or cables in sight, bad signal.

Regarding the technical part, in the past post on “parameters to take into account when choosing a car” we already cited many details to take into account, such as the weight of the vehicle, the type of brakes it has, its torsional rigidity or its damping system. As we mentioned in the previous article, look at the weight of the car, in case of going out of the average it means that the quality of the materials used will surely be less technological and light and this will reduce consumption and dynamics. For that you need the auto detailing.

Not so measurable characteristics

To determine the quality of a car, there are certain sensations that are not quantitatively measurable, but help us to realize if the car is a can with wheels or not. For the car wash process this is important. Before getting in the car, open and close all the doors, if when closing it sounds solid, a good sign, if it is a less forceful sound and pulling iron, you are riding that is not your car.