The Use for the best Radar Detector Options Now


For those who travel a lot by car, or who use the car a lot during their daily workday in the city, a radar detector works very well. Calm down, we are not here encouraging people to circumvent the law. A radar detector can even be a life-saving mechanism, since, when detecting a radar, the driver will at least slow down to avoid a ticket. Anyway, the fact is that, last year, a company called Cobra launched an application for the iPhone called best cobra radar detector, which basically located the radars on the roads. The system was successful, and it is now available for Android phones.

Cobra iRadar

IRadar works in conjunction with a radar detector unit, which connects to the phone via the Bluetooth network. On the device, you have an interface that shows what is being detected. For everything to work perfectly, the application also uses the GPS system of your iPhone or Android phone, to display on your phone screen the speed you are at, and the location of the radars on the road. All of this, in real time.

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The user can customize the application, allowing different types of alerts, in addition to the possibility of adding flags for marking points on maps. The manufacturer promises the same level of protection offered on the iPhone, including promising the identification of handheld radars in the form of pistols. Cobra also promises constant updates to the iRadar database, to reassure users that they will invest $ 130 in the radar detection unit. The iRadar app is free, and will be available on the market in April.

  • In general, the application works in Brazil, but not as well as expected. Many users report the problem of not detecting radars, others speak of the fact that the program does not alert when it is present, or of alerting very late, preventing the driver from slowing down.

We hope that the Android version of Cobra iRadar will correct the problems reported by Brazilian users on the iPhone version. Many users have left comments on blogs and forums related to Apple products that iRadar does not work so well in Brazil due to the fact that national highway inspection departments use “sparrows” type radars. In addition, users claim that the application behaves erratically to inform when a radar is present, or what the maximum speed allowed in the sector. Even worse: in certain cases, it does not emit any sound signal informing that there is a radar in those surroundings (and, when it warns, it informs at the last minute). Therefore, we recommend a little precaution before purchasing the device.