Things to remember while riding your scooter in rainy season:


Monsoon is the most loved season, even though the roads are messy from cities to villages. It is challenging to ride scooters in rainy seasons. If you want to safeguard your scooter in this monsoon season, you should have proper insurance for your bikes and required scooter covers. You should select a scooter that gives good mileage even in the rainy seasons, like 150 cc scooter, which is also easy to ride on messy roads. Below you can see the things to remember while riding your scooter in the rainy season:

Scooter covers and anti-rust protection layer:

If you decide to leave your scooter in the rain, you should cover it with a proper rainproof cover to protect your scooter from any damage this season. You should also park your scooter in a good parking shelter during the monsoons. This will help your scooter to provide exemplary performance in all seasons. The scooters that are recently manufactured are made up of fibre materials and anti-rust components. If your scooter is made of metals that are prone to rust, you should take good care of it. 

Teflon coating and check tires:

Most scooter owners do not know anything about the teflon coating and its advantages for your scooters. So using teflon is highly recommended by bike experts. If you use teflon coating for your bike, it will not allow raindrops to touch or cause any damage to your bike. Tires are the most crucial part of a scooter, and maintaining them is also harder. You should often check your scooter’s tires for slippery and muddy roads in the rainy season.

Service the brakes:

The other most important part of a scooter are brakes. Both the front and rear brakes are essential for a scooter. Nowadays, brakes can be rim, disc, or drum, depending on the scooter type. So you should check and service your brakes and brake pads regularly before the rainy season begins. The roads will be wet and slippery in monsoons, so you should not apply the brakes so hard because it will make your scooter skid way more harmful. So, service your brakes so that if you apply the brake, your scooter will not skid. Most of the bikes will not have gears like ladies scooterso if you have gears in your bike, maintain the proper speed on the muddy roads. 

Lubricate chain and clean air filter:

If you want your scooter to ride smoothly in the rainy season, you should oil your scooter’s chain properly and often. It will also maintain the scooter’s performance in all seasons. You also should not over-oil your scooter’s chain. The monsoon air is heavy due to moisture content, so your scooter’s air filters may get blocked due to moisture passage. So it would be best if you cleaned the air filters as often as you could during the rainy seasons. 

Wrapping it up:

As a result, you have learned the things to remember while riding your scooter in the rainy season. The major advantage of having a ladies scooter is that it is weightless and does not have gearboxes. So that it will not skid or slip due to heavy weight riding or constant gearing.