Tips for Caring for a Wooden Truck Body to Stay Durable


Wood material has become one of the most popular materials with many advantages. Starting from superior in various types, various qualities to various functions and applications. Starting from the floor of the house, the interior of the building to the material like a wooden truck.

The number of uses of wooden tubs on trucks can be very easily found on the streets, where we will meet many trucks with wooden tubs passing back and forth. Of course, the use of the tailgate is not without reason so that the tailgate is not only made of wood.

Because the use of wooden tubs is quite a lot, which of course is not without reason. It may even be that some of the readers are in direct contact with the truck body made of wood, so in this discussion we will discuss about trucks, the advantages of wood material in the tailgate, the type of wood that is suitable and how to care that needs to be done so that the wooden tub can be more durable. durable.

Advantages of Wooden Truck Body

The important role of vehicles which are generally equipped with diesel engines is to assist the work in transporting heavy goods from one place to another. This transfer process will certainly be very inconvenient if it is done manually or traditionally.

If we compare it with ordinary passenger cars, of course the trucks will be very different. The truck from the beginning was designed specifically to carry heavy goods and on long trips. For speed problems, of course, trucks will still lose when compared to bias passenger cars. Because both are different specifications and functions.

In addition to the important role of the presence of trucks as a means of transportation, coupled with the alternative of wooden tubs which are certainly environmentally friendly, there are also several other advantages of wooden tubs. Here are some of them.

Lighter Wooden Tailgate

The consideration of choosing wood material as a truck seats is due to the lighter weight of wood compared to other body materials such as iron and metal. Because wood is lighter, it is more likely to carry heavier loads. This will also affect the fuel so it can be more efficient when used.

Temperature Fluctuations Stay Awake

Wood is a material that has an insulating character. This means that the wood material is not easy to conduct heat. By using wood for the tailgate, the tailgate itself and its cargo will be better protected from the hot sun and cold temperatures. This is also the reason for choosing wooden floors in a number of minimalist homes.

Resistant to Rust

The phenomenon of rust is an oxidation process between metal and oxygen. So, it is certain that this oxidation process will not occur in the tailgate that uses wood. This is certainly one of the advantages of a wooden tub that does not need to be doubted.