Tips to Improve Your Motorcycle Riding Experience


Motorcycle riding is a wonderful experience if done right, or else you will be living a moment of joy and end up in hospital in the next. Even the pro motorcycle riders are not perfect at it then how can you think you are. So, don’t take your skills for granted and improve your riding for a better experience. Today we are here to let you know of some tips and tricks which sure will improve your experience on the motorcycle. Put take your motorcycle gear out and be ready.

Following distance and breaking

Don’t ride too close behind a vehicle. This reduces the reaction time and increases the risk of injuries. As a general rule, you can maintain the distance of two bikes or stay 5 seconds behind. Do this often and you will get used to it without noticing. Stay far enough that you have time to brake and change direction.

When breaking you should not hit them as hard as possible, unless the situation demands. Doing so affects traction and some braking systems lockdown. Instead, you should break smoothly ensuring a smooth transition from moving to stopping position. This is only possible if you are already on the breaks, i.e. More following distance, breaking on crossways and signals. If anything were to happen now you can increase the pressure.

Sometimes slowing down isn’t the safest so you have to accelerate to maintain safe space. Use your speed wisely to create a safe distance.

Wear the right gear

Right motorcycle gear plays a major role in the comfort and better riding experience. Not just riding but it will save you from abrasions, severe injuries and reduce the impact in case of a crash. Motorcycle gear changes depending on the style of riding. For instance, the gear for off-roading and cursing rider will be different. Follow ATGATT rule, this means to ride with “all the gear, all the time”. The gear should be according to the weather conditions too. Irrespective of your riding style and weather conditions there is a gear kit available in the market. If that feels expensive you can always buy separately. Check out durable and high-quality motorcycle jackets, gloves and more.

Adjust your speed at corners

Corner incidents have happened to all of us. To avoid these there is a simple rule you have to follow. Slow in, fast out. Meaning slow your speed riding into the corner, so that you don’t have to change the lanes and speed up while leaving it. Position yourself before the turn and make sure you don’t change it while cornering.

Avoid target fixation

Target fixation leads to difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. Avoid fixing your eyes on a target while riding instead see for your escape route. If you see a rock or manhole on the road and get fixated on it the bike will automatically go through it. Similarly, if you keep your eyes on a beautiful car next to you, chances are something bad will happen. You should practice with cones or paper cups in a parking lot.

Ride what is meant for you

If the bike fits you well you will ride it better. You can either buy a bike that is meant for you or adjust the one you have. Make sure everything is perfect and exactly how you want, start with handlebars, moving on to hand controls, grips, footpegs, and height.

Every day riding is not a race and safety is always first. Remember “better late than never”. Practice more and more until you feel you are good and then practice more and be more alert.