Top 4 armored sedans to look out for


The armored vehicles have occupied a special place in today’s volatile world; these offer safer deployment and enhanced protection in high-threat localities.

Audi A8

Considered as one of the top picks among luxury sedans, it is equipped with both B4 and B6 level of armored protection. The luxury flagship sedan is resistant to fire from AK 47’s 7.6mm round bullets. It can withstand explosive charges such as rocket-propelled grenades and hand grenades. The best built quality sedan from this German maker comes with high-tech features, offering lavish comfort and impressive performance. The all-wheel drive sedan is powered by fuel-efficient V6 diesel engine. The car comes loaded with a range of features, such as beautiful cabin, luxurious interior fitted with impressive communication tools.

Toyota Camry

Enjoy a great deal of fuel economy, comfy interior, solid and reliable protection from armored Toyota Camry without inviting any unwanted attention for self. Given its impressive history of dependability and cutting-edge technology features, it’s the perfect choice when discretion considered an issue.  This midsize sedan is made of either CEN B4 or CEN B6 protection and it also meets ballistic protection standards. It comes with auto-dimming rear view mirror, heated mirrors, leather upholstery, and softer suspension settings, etc. The pneumatic struts, brakes, and connecting points between the body & chassis are redefined to meet the security aspects.

Jaguar XJL

The pouncing beast meets all the standards of Jaguar when it comes to luxury and driving dynamics. It’s a mix of both protection and elegance for those who crave for both. It is presented in a high-fashion interior and eye-catching style that look like regular XJ family, but proposed in a range of anti-assassination goodies.  It comes in both choices of CEN B4 and B6 protection standard; it also features under-body armor plating, titanium roof, and body panel inserts.

c S550

The armored S Class sedan has all the comforts of a luxury vehicle, providing excellent blast and ballistic protection. The bulletproof luxury class vehicle comes with an unparalleled blend of comfort and technology, along with eternal safety and effortless acceleration. The full-size luxury sedan can never disappoint you in terms of luxury, upgraded technology, and incredible ride comfort.

Troy Armoring company lists some of the best armored sedans operated today, based on mobility and protection. The latest offerings from the company are the best blend of luxury features and bulletproof protection that delivers ultimate peace of mind experience on the go.