Top 5 Foreign Cars that are the Most Popular in Australia


Although there are plenty of nice Australian-made cars available, some cars from other countries are especially Australians’ favourites.

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There can be many reasons for this fondness such as super strong built, stylish interior or elegant looks.

Whatever may be the reason, it’s true that Australian car-lovers tend to import American cars to Australia with Import Direct Car Sales on a large scale.

Following are top 5 cars that Australians particularly love.

1. Toyota Kluger

The look and feel of the Kluger is American with its gutsy 3.5-litre V6 engine which easily pulls its two-tonne mass along and a nice specious practical interior.

The Kluger comes with the blend of Toyota’s quality and dependability and American styling, which makes it one of the most popular seven-seat soft-roaders on the Australian roads.

It also offers several variants with either all-wheel or front-wheel drive.

2. BMW X5

Almost all BMW SUVs are built in the US due to high demand. But X5 is in a high demand even in Australia.

It’s the most popular large SUV costing more than $70,000. This car is anything but thrifty and offers an excellent combination of comfort, driver enjoyment and practicality.

The X5 range includes rear– and all-wheel-drive choices with an option for diesel, petrol and hybrid powertrains.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Among all the big SUVs, only a few come with the driveway cred of a big jeep.

It performs well for and handles a big unit and is available with a load of equipment, although is prominently devoid of a seven-seat option.

Made on the same platform as the far costlier Mercedes-Benz ML-Class big four-wheel-drive SUV, the 4X4 versions are very efficient off-road.

There are 4-engine options such as a 5.7-litre and Hemi 6.4-litre V8 petrols, 3.6-litre V6 petrol, and a 3.0-litre CRD turbo-diesel V6 among five variations.

4. Ford Mustang

As American as Botox and apple pie, the Ford Mustang is the top-selling sports car in Australia and has even beaten the locally made and admired Falcon.

It’s a strong, well-built car as can only be produced by the US of A even if you include the models run by the 4-cylinder 2.3-litre turbo Ecoboost engine.

In addition to being a head-turner, it’s a reliable daily drive that’s available in coupe and convertible body styles.

So powerful is its glamour that you’ll easily bear the messy and somewhat shoddy interior.

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5. Nissan Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is another ‘foreign’ SUV designed for the US market and a great value family wagon, having seven seats, a lot of equipment and ample space.

It can come with a petrol V6 engine or even as an electric-petrol hybrid to save fuel in the cities.

All-wheel drive and front-wheel drive versions are available.

Australian car-lovers love these foreign cars and like to import cars by Import Direct Car Sales or other equally reliable car import company.

As COVID-19 is slowly calming down, more and more Australians are again buying foreign cars although SUVs were not very popular just a decade ago and large sedans topped the worldwide sales.

If you too are looking for a foreign car, choose among these or look for more options, and buy one.