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Top 5 Types of Windshield Damage You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Driving along the open road often brings a sense of freedom that’s hard to beat. However, that freedom can come at a cost, especially when it comes to damage to your car’s windshield. Whether due to flying debris, temperature changes, or impact accidents, windshield damage could compromise your safety and, if left unchecked, lead to costly repairs. In this article, we will explore five types of windshield damage that you cannot afford to ignore and should address as soon as possible.

1. Cracks

Cracks on your windshield can develop from various causes; a small object, such as a stone, may hit the glass, or drastic temperature changes might create stress fractures. Regardless, it is essential to seek a professional specialized in windshield crack repair in Cumming as cracks can impede visibility and compromise structural integrity. Prolonging repair can cause cracks to spread, leading to a need for a full windshield replacement.

2. Chips

Chips, often resulting from impact with small debris or particles, can range from minor nicks to more substantial damage. The severity of a chip depends on the depth and size, which can impact the surrounding glass. While minor chips may be quickly repaired, larger or deeper chips may require a windshield replacement to maintain structural integrity.

3. Bull’s Eye and Half Moon Damages

Bull’s eye and half moon damages are circular-shaped, with the former being fully round and the latter having a semi-circular shape. They are typically caused by impact from larger debris or rocks. It is crucial to repair these damages promptly as they can weaken the windshield and may grow as pressure is applied during a routine cleaning or from external elements like wind and temperature changes.

4. Star Break

The star break is characterized by small cracks radiating outward from the impact point, similar to a starburst. These breaks can compromise the overall strength of the windshield, making the vehicle more susceptible to damage during accidents or additional impacts. An immediate repair is necessary to avoid further spreading and potential windshield replacement.

5. Combination Break

A combination break includes a mix of the previously mentioned types of damage, signifying multiple points of impact or the spreading of an initial crack or chip. As these damages are often more extensive and may weaken the windshield significantly, it is crucial to consult with an auto glass expert to determine if windshield repair or replacement is required.

To Wrap Up

Neglecting to address windshield damage puts you and your passengers at risk while on the road. It is important to identify and assess the severity of any cracks or chips in your windshield to prevent further damage and maintain vehicle safety. When faced with any of these top five types of windshield damage, promptly seek out a professional who specializes in windshield crack repair or replacement. Doing so not only ensures your vehicle’s physical integrity but also helps protect your safety on the road.