Types of Dent Repair Auto Body Shops Offer   


Dents are the most common damage seen on vehicles. But they can be of different sizes, while the damage can also be at different levels. Depending upon the severity of the dent, the auto body shops choose the ideal method to treat this issue.

That being said, we indicate that even dent repairs on a car can be of different types. Here we would list down those types of car dent repair that we have gathered from the list of services we found at our most trusted Coeur d’Alene dent repair center.

Conventional Dent Repair

When a car clashes against another or collides with a solid embankment, the most common damage it will suffer is a couple of ugly dents on its body surface. But depending upon how forceful was the collision or against what the car has crashed in, the size and the depth of these dents can be measured.

When the size of the dents is more than the size of a coconut, the mechanics of an auto body shop will choose the conventional method of repairing the dent. In this process, they start with pulling up the dent, scratch out the paint, that too might have affected, smoothen the surface with sandpaper, apply premier and then repaint the affected area matching the body color it is painted with. This method is chosen, when the car body surface suffers from multiple dents. If the number of dents is too many, and if the car paint gets affected by the pulling of dents, the process will then involve a full body paint of the car, so that the color look even throughout the body.

This is a relatively lengthy process that involves time and effort as well as the cost of a paint job. So, it is the most expensive dent repair method of all, when compared to other dent repair methods. So let us take a look at the cheaper ones.

Patch Repair

If the dents on a car surface are not many, the auto body shops will choose the patch dent repair. They will pull out the dents and if necessary will paint those affected areas, if at all any damage is noticed on the car paint.

Paintless Dent Repair

The most popular dent repair process of all is the paintless dent repair. In this, the mechanics use an entirely different method of repairing the dents. Especially when the size of the dent is smaller than a coconut, and resembles with that of a donut, the paintless dent repair is considered the best way. In this method, the dents are pulled up with the help of using hydraulic force machines, where the paint is not affected. Hence, no paint job is involved.

Because of the non-involvement of a paint, not only the entire process of paintless dent repair is done in lesser amount of time, but it also takes lesser labor effort. As a result, the cost of paintless dent repair is the least among all, shared the team of mechanics of the CDA dent repair shop.