Understanding Common Injuries In Commercial Accidents.


Commercial trucks are one of the leading causes of severe and fatal accidents. The severity of the accident is due to its enormous size and heavyweight. An unskilled driver is highly prone to encounter accidents as driving a long vehicle requires a lot of judgment and precision. 

A victim of a commercial truck accident may encounter severe injuries in the accident and may even die. Trying to get compensation in such cases is complicated as proving negligence requires a lot of solid evidence and eyewitnesses. In such cases, you may need the help of a Grand Junction personal injury lawyer to strengthen your argument and prepare eyewitnesses and help you in collecting evidence. 

Common injuries encountered in a commercial truck accident. 

A victim may sustain minor to significant injuries in a truck accident. However, it has been reported that victims usually sustain severe or fatal injuries when getting into a truck accident. 

  1. Brain injuries. 

The brain is susceptible, and the brain cells do not regenerate. Therefore, any injury to the brain can lead to complete loss of a specific function, or in severe cases. A victim may end in a state of coma or brain dead. 

  1. Spinal cord injuries. 

The spinal cord conveys messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. The victim may end up in a state of partial or complete paralysis depending upon the severity of the damage. 

  1. Internal organ damage and internal bleeding. 

An intense blow can penetrate the fat tissue surrounding the internal organs and directly damage the organ. Moreover, a broken bone can pierce a nearby organ or a blood vessel and lead to internal bleeding. 

  1. Broken bones. 

A broken bone is visible immediately, and the treatment is straightforward. However, damage to the clavicle or rib bones cannot be stabilized with the help of screws and plates and may require other complex procedures to heal the damage. 

What to do after encountering a commercial truck accident? 

Once you have encountered a commercial truck accident and you have managed to survive, or your loved one has met with wrongful death in the accident, you are entitled to compensation from the negligent truck driver or the owner of the truck. In such cases, you may need the help of a professional truck accident attorney to handle your case, as such cases can be highly technical. 

Getting help from an experienced attorney can elevate your chances to get better compensation, and their negotiation skills can get you a reasonable settlement.