Use Premium Tires To Improve Your Safety While Driving


SUV all-season tires

When driving during summertime, you still need to make sure that you are safe on the road. The key to this is, of course, having a safe and reliable car, equipping it with good quality all-season tires that have a good safety rating, and then you will need to drive responsibly. Tires contribute a lot more to safety than people think. Most people just see car tires as something that you need to have and that they are all the same, while tires differ immensely and wrong tire selection can have drastic consequences.

Motorsports are a good example of the significance of tires, where the tires are often the decider if the car doesn’t break down. The importance of tire selection and the tire strategy is often decisive when winning or losing a race. When it comes to day-to-day driving for normal people, the difference is maybe not significant, that you need to optimize it daily. However, the tires still have a very big impact and are one of the major contributors to keeping you out of accidents.

Without tires with a good grip, you would skid out of control when you take sharp corners or curves. The same goes if your tires aren’t good at preventing hydroplaning. Your vehicle will be more prone to aquaplane, resulting in losing control over your vehicle, which might lead to an accident. The ability to stop your car at a short distance to avoid accidents tends to be the most important factor in preventing accidents from occurring. This all relates to the braking distance, which is associated with the tires that you use.

Good premium tires made for the summer conditions will have good properties for driving on summer roads in summer temperatures, both in dry and wet conditions. They deliver excellent grip and control so that you will have a good driving experience when you drive. Most premium quality tires will prevent hydroplaning, but there are certainly differences between different tires. Some manufacturers have come up with great innovations for the tread that have made their tires even better at preventing hydroplaning. Most innovations are targeted to improve the ability to channel water away from the contact area.

Hydroplaning happens when the tires can’t push away water resulting in a loss of contact between the tire and the road surface. When the tire loses contact, the tire will glide on top of the water layer, and you will lose the ability to control the car. Make sure to select good tires with good hydroplaning prevention properties.

Having premium all-season tires is good for seasons with warm temperatures. Still, when you get into winter conditions with cold temperatures and the possibility of snow or ice, you will need to change to tires that are approved for winter use. A timely change to winter tires is essential for your safety unless you decide to go for all-weather tires that instead can be used all year round to not have to shift between all-season and winter tires.

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