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Why does your engine need engine oil?

What began centuries ago as rudimentary modes of transportation, have now transformed into advanced technologies for bikes, cars, and other IC engine vehicles. While the components of these IC engines have changed over the years, their core principles have been more or less the same. With any engine that requires fuel for combustion, and parts that move at high speeds and high temperatures, there arises an obvious need for lubrication of moving parts. Here are some of the primary reasons why your vehicle needs engine oil.

  1. Lubrication

The most important reason why your vehicle needs engine oil is to lubricate the moving parts of an engine. With bearings, pistons, gears, shafts and all other moving being in direct contact with each other, it creates a metal-metal contact. In absence of an engine oil, the repeated motion and friction can lead to extensive damage of the metal surface. To prevent this damage engine oil forms a layer between these metal parts to create a form of lubrication that facilitates motion without friction. While this increases the longevity and performance of the engine, it essentially protects your engine from the wear and tear.

  1. Cooling

Operation of any IC engine requires burning of fuels which results in generation of heat, a portion of which is released by the exhaust vent gases, and some heat is dissipated by the usage of coolant. The remaining heat, most of which is transmitted through conduction, ends up being trapped within the parts of the engine. The rising temperature causes the metal parts of the engine to expand and weak over time. Veedol engine oil help to cool these hot parts by acting as an insulator that is in direct contact with the metal. This cooling effect regulates the temperature of the engine, and prevents it from overheating by conduction mode of heat transfer

  1. Cleaning

Beyond the applications of cooling and lubrication the engine oil also helps to clean up the small metal particles, dust, dirt, and other combustion by-products by existing as a matrix membrane that covers the internal components of the engine. The combination of moving parts, heat, friction and other external factors causes the metal particles to break down and hinder the performance of an engine. Using Veedol engine oil prevents deposition of metal granules and dust onto the metal surfaces of the engine. Using the right engine oil for your vehicle can help to clear out the debris and ensure a smooth, comfortable ride.

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