Vehicle Body Styles


Some vehicles were designed with workplace performance as the focus and focus on comfort as you drive. But despite what the car designer intended; it turns out that car shoppers make choices for other reasons as well. Take the pickup truck for example. It was intended as a heavy-duty work vehicle, but the pickup has become part of a lifestyle for rural and suburban car owners who rarely haul anything, some just like country music. But it doesn’t matter — people like cars for numerous reasons. But while many body styles have been retired over the years, others have continued to thrive and have remained notable for decades, and a few for over a century.

The infographic below, 10 Timeless Car Body Styles, takes a look at the vehicles Americans have always been attracted to. Which are your favorites? Chances are, there will be several.

On one side of the coin, some car body styles have stuck around because they are known to be fun — fun to drive, fun to ride in and fun looking. Ford and Chevy both have a fan base that numbers in the thousands and they are just as passionate as the fans for any major sports club. Clubs can be found all over the country, and owners love to show off their cars at shows, at club events and on the road — nonstop, 24/7.

If this is your first purchase, or you’re trying to decide on your next vehicle, the infographic’s visual representations ought to give you a little help.

10 Timeless Car Body Styles from Elgin Industries