Vehicle Maintenance Tips


Keeping your car running is important to you. You especially don’t want to have to deal with major repairs. There are some items you can do regular maintenance on to help you avoid the need for major repairs later.

Change Your Brakes

At the first sign of war, in other words, when your brakes start squeaking or squealing, get the pads changed. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done to the rotors. If this is not something you are good to do yourself, find a reputable mechanic or repair shop and get the word done.

Clean Up Your Fuel

If you don’t have a fuel air separation system keeping your fuel clean, you should consider installing one. Keeping air out of your fuel lines can help improve efficiency. If your vehicle idles roughly or loses power, you may have an issue that can be addressed with a fuel air separator.

Verify Your Battery Connection

If you have ever had your car battery die, you were likely not in the best of moods. You may even have been stranded somewhere. The biggest problem with a battery is that when the connection is not tight, the battery won’t charge as well and becomes week. Keeping your connectors clean is easy to do and can keep your battery running strong longer.

Replace Your Belts

Your vehicle has a couple of belts you need to be aware of, including the timing belt and the serpentine belt, which runs throughout the engine. When belts get worn, they can begin to slip or even break. Lots of damage could occur in your engine if either of your belts fail. Be sure to check your belts and get them replaced at the first sign of wear.

Put on the Parking Brake

The parking brake is not always understood. While many people use it when they are parked on a hill, they may not use it at other times. In fact, it is important to engage it any time the car is in park. When the car is at rest, the brake helps the transmission stay in place, which reduces stress.

Don’t Run Out of Fluids

Just as your body needs enough water to stay hydrated, your car’s engine needs the fluids it uses to stay at proper levels. This can prevent issues with running out of wiper fluid or engine coolant. Don’t wait until your car is dying of thirst to give it any of the fluids it needs.

Keeping your car well-maintained can save you time and money in the long run.