Auto accident involving two cars on a city street

What Causes Motor Vehicle Accidents?


Millions of people across the globe have asked this question in different parts of the globe. The truth is that there are many different causes of road accidents. These things include mechanical and electrical faults. Other causes include driver error, reckless driving and even driving under the influence. Below are some ways these things lead to accidents on the highway.

Mechanical and Electrical Faults

No driver in his or her right mind will hit the road with a car that is obviously in bad shape. The problem here is that a motor vehicle is a machine with both electrical and mechanical components. It follows that some of these components can malfunction without notice. If you are driving and your brake fails without warning, this will definitely lead to an accident. In some cases, your electrical system might run into a hitch while you are on top speed. Again, this will cause an accident and the result may be quite serious.

Driver Error

Drivers are not perfect; they are human and they can make errors sometimes. Many accidents are direct results of driver error. Some drivers may over speed at the wrong time, overtake at the wrong place and even slow down when they are not supposed to slow down. When drivers do these things, an accident might result.

Driving Under the Influence

This is clearly an instance of irresponsible behavior on the part of the driver. Conventional wisdom tells people not to drive when they drink and not to drink when they drive. Surprisingly, many people do not seem to obey this sensible injunction. If you take alcoholic drinks, take narcotic drugs or other substances in this category, you simply should not drive. Driving under the influence will impair your judgement and endanger road users. If you have an accident when driving under the influence, the legal system will take a serious view of this crime.

Over Speeding

This is another common cause of road accidents. From the perspective of road safety, it pays to drive at a sedate speed all the time. This is because if you are not over speeding, you can easily avoid potentially dangerous situations. On the other hand, when you are over speeding, an accident might just be a round the next corner.

Running A Red Light

Another common cause of accidents is a refusal to disobey traffic rules. When you run a red light or refuse to stop at a Zebra Crossing, you are looking for trouble and you just might get it. even where is no other vehicle on the road, you should always stop at red lights and only move when the light is green. In addition, you should observe speed limits, slow down at speed bumps and stop completely when you get to a Zebra Crossing.

Final Word

It cannot be so hard to avoid road accidents. Just be a careful driver and be as patient as you can with other road users. Obey traffic rules religiously and you will minimize road accidents.

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