What compensation does a liable driver have to pay after an accident?


Car accidents can lead to fatalities and serious injuries. You will have to face hospitalization, long recovery periods, and an uncertain future as a victim. It can further affect the mental well-being of the victim. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, then you must know your legal rights in such a case. You can sue the negligent driver and claim compensation for all the damages caused. It is best to hire an expert car accident lawyer to fight for your rights. If you want to lower your compensation contact a car accident attorney Albuquerque.

The liable driver has to pay for the following compensations after an accident:-

Medical expenses: If you have been injured in an accident, you will likely have mounting hospital bills to pay. The hospital bills will pile up more depending on the severity of the injuries. The liable driver has to compensate you for all the medical expenses, present or future. You will get reimbursement for all diagnostic tests, doctor visits and consultations, hospital stays, medicines, ambulance bills, etc. You can also claim any at-home care services, mental therapy, physical therapy, etc. 

Loss of income: The injuries due to the accident can temporarily keep you out of your workplace. It will lead to a loss of income or wages. The financial troubles that come with accidents will frustrate you more and affect your mental well-being. Some injuries can also lead to permanent disability, which will be a huge loss for your family. The liable party will compensate for all the losses. 

Pain: The injuries due to the accident cause pain and suffering. Sometimes the pain can be unbearable and causes trouble with walking, sleeping, sitting for long hours, etc. The physical pain might not allow you to live a normal life, which can also affect your mental health. You will get compensated for all the pain and suffering caused by the accident. 

Loss of consortium: This compensation is given to the family in case the victim in the accident passes away due to the injuries or is permanently bedridden, and there is a loss of emotional connection with the family. 


The compensation procedure and laws can be overwhelming for you. An expert will make the journey easier for you and get the maximum compensation and all the benefits you deserve.