Franklin Electric Pump

What is a Franklin Electric Pump?


Simply put, a Franklin electric pump is a submersible pump designed to aid in water movement. Franklin electric pumps, in particular, are known for being able to withstand harsh environments and a variety of liquids, such as mud and contaminated water. The company offers a variety of electric pumps that can be used in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and municipal settings. 

How Does a Franklin Electric Pump Work?

A Franklin electric pump is specially equipped to move water quickly and easily. These pumps use an electric motor to drive an impeller inside. This impeller is also called a casing. The impeller will spin at a high speed and causes the liquid to flow into the pump from the inlet port. 

Once the fluid enters the pump, it is forced against the walls of the casing by the impeller. This action creates pressure that moves the liquid out of the outlet port and into the system, where pumping will begin.

 It is important to note that electric pumps need to be fully submerged in water during use. The water will help cool the motor. If not submerged, the engine will overheat. 

What Kind of Franklin Electric Pump Do I Need?

The answer to the above question depends on what kind of location your electric pump will be used in. If you use the pump for your home or some light industrial work, you should use a single-stage pump. Anything underground, such as water or oil wells, should utilize a multiple-stage pump.

What are the Benefits of Using a Franklin Electric Pump?

The Franklin Electric Company is credited with manufacturing some of the most durable electric pumps. Franklin’s pumps are believed to clog much less than others, and the overall experience of using the pump is smoother and more efficient. The pumps are also simple to operate and require little maintenance.

What are the Cons of Using a Franklin Electric Pump?

There have been reports of the Franklin Electric Company’s pumps having seals that corrode over time. Unfortunately, that issue may also make repairs more difficult. These issues may be a deal breaker for some, but minimal complaints regarding these pumps exist.

The Franklin Electric Company has recently focused on applying more innovative technology to its products. The company is aiming to capitalize on the coming shift to electric vehicles. This endeavor may be a big plus to those concerned about the environment.