Which Is Better for My Project: An HPLV or Airless Paint Gun?


When it comes to conducting paint treatments on a car or equipment, there are a few different styles of spray guns to pick from. Airless and high-pressure, low-level guns (HPLV) are two of the most prevalent varieties. While both may provide excellent and exact outcomes, they both have their own specific characteristics that make them preferable for particular sorts of work.

You don’t have to spend hours studying information to find out which paint sprayer is ideal if you read the following information. Once you’ve decided, don’t just choose any sprayer from your local hardware shop. Take the time to explore several products to guarantee a job is done correctly. Apollo Sprayers’ HVLP guns are among the most advanced on the market and might be the right match for you.

How They Function

You must first grasp how each gun works before you can determine what sorts of activities they are best suited for. Airless paint sprayers, as the name implies, do not use air. They atomize fluids with pressure as they spray out of the sprayer tip. The rate and volume of paint discharged are determined by the sprayer’s tip. HVLP sprayers, on the other hand, employ a compressor or turbine to separate air from the paint until it is sprayed. When the two substances come into contact, they atomize and spray.

When to Apply Paint

When you use, each sprayer depends on the scope of your work. According to some pros, airless is preferable for extensive operations, whereas HVLP is better for “finer” tasks:

  • Many people have discovered that using an airless paint sprayer is the best way to paint cabinets. This is due to the fact that you may catch a lot larger surface area at once without needing to replenish your machine. It’s also excellent for performing paint jobs on cats because it sprays so much more at once.
  • However, HVLP paint sprayers are superior for performing detailed work. While you can possibly paint a car with airless sprayer technology, HVLP technology is ideal for adding stenciled art to your vehicle. This is due to the fact that some firearms feature a second control that allows for varying fanning sizes.
  • They are also more suitable for various sorts of paint. HVLP sprayers function better with thinner paints since they give more intricate work. However, airless sprayers can retain thicker paint without trouble. Airless can also handle oils, and HVLP can stain.

Keep all of this in mind as you prepare for your painting project. This will get you started and make the process easier to complete.

Selecting Apollo Sprayers

If you require an HVLP paint sprayer, you may utilize any brand with ease. However, those manufactured by Apollo Sprayers are more efficient and precise. They produce less trash than rivals, with a promised transfer rate of at least 80%.

Apollo Sprayers has been a pioneer in paint-spraying technology since 1966. Their items are as easily found in automobile shops and maritime businesses as they are in someone’s garage. You should anticipate high-quality results even if this is the first time you’re using a paint sprayer.

Automobile projects, in particular, can benefit from their MAXI-MISER branded HVLP guns. When combined with a turbine paint system, these sprayers can easily apply primers, basecoats, and clearcoats.

So, once you’ve determined what sort of gun would work best for you, select a high-quality brand to assist you in completing the task. Apollo Sprayers is a dependable alternative that can guarantee your delight.