Why the Chevrolet Impala is Gaining Massive Attention in 2020?


Chevrolet is a name which is popular globally. The reputation of this company exceeds the expectations of people always, which is why people prefer to buy Chevy vehicles. However, there are numerous reasons as to why the New Chevy Impala 2020 is acquiring ample attention from potential buyers around the world. So, if you are looking to buy one simply get in touch with a Lexington Chevrolet dealer. However, before doing that go through the specifications and more of this car!

Safety features

One of the most essential aspects for Chevy being famous is due to its safety features. The standard features include ventilated rear and front disc brakes, remote activated approach light, knee airbags, front dual airbags, etc. Also, there are side impact bars and airbags, keyless entry, front head manual restraints, etc. Only first aid kid is optional in this model.

Engine, transmission and more

It is equipped with standard engine of V6 3.6L regular gas which offers excellent horsepower of 305. Torque produced is 264 lb-ft at an rpm of 5,200. It has a fuel tank capacity of 18.5 gallon. Moreover, it provides mileage of 19 mpg when driving round in a city and 28mpg when a person drives it in a highway. Furthermore, it comes with a standard automatic six speed transmission.

FWD is standard in this model along with sequential sport shift and stainless steel quasi dual exhaust. Block heater is however, optional. For a more detailed understanding and knowing about the engine, performance, etc. one should contact Chevrolet dealers near Lexington.

Exterior and interior body

The rear lip spoiler and spoiler in this model are optional and so is front license plate bracket. Standard items include aluminum/galvanized steel body, grille, front bumper, power and heated door mirrors, etc. Also, 18 inch alloy wheels are offered along with pinion and rack steering, electric powered speed sensing assistance, power steering, etc. Also, interior is spacious and offers an elegant look that would be hard not to be attracted to.

Adjustable driver seat according to height and offers a maximum capacity of 5 people sitting inside the car. Moreover, there is simulated wood metal look for door panel, with heated cushion for driver and passenger. Carpet floor mats for rear and front. Leather or chrome shift knob and for steering wheel, steel or leather option according to one’s choice.

In addition, there are 6 speakers, LCD monitor, internet access, and audio theft feature, integrated smart device for both Apple and Android users; also radio, Bluetooth, and more are available.


The price of this vehicle starts from $37,595. However, it may go up depending on the additional features a person would like to incorporate in this model.

These are some of the reasons as to why more people are curious about the 2020 Chevrolet Impala. So, here are all the details, which you should know about this new version before booking one. Now that you know about it contact a dealer to book a test drive or simply get in touch with them for knowing more.