You Definitely Can’t Make These Mistakes When Shipping Your Car



You can find a good deal of auto transport company shipping cars across the states. They may give you various options, but you should avoid committing certain common mistakes for a smooth shipment of your car. 

Don’t Pay for What You Have Not Bargained

Not every company will give you the same price for the services you avail. You can get a quote free of cost to compare. However, always remember to ask for the list of services they cover in that price. Make sure whether there are any additional charges including import taxes outside the quote. Look for cost-effective services and not the cheapest service.

Check Out Your Transport Company

Make sure your choice of company is a registered company with the Department of Transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Never contract a transport company that doesn’t provide you with their DOT and MC number. Never rely on verbal agreement.

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Missing Documents and Insufficient Insurance Coverage

Don’t forget these documents-

  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance certificate
  • Bill of lading
  • Filled out car inspection report

  For the final check ask your transport representative to inform you about other necessary documents. You may require additional documents for international shipment. With sufficient insurance coverage you can rest assured. Also remember to follow the auto safety standard of the state/country you are moving in.

Never Forget to Prepare Your Car Before Shipment

Follow these tips to prepare your car-

  • Clear all personal belongings from your car along with custom accessories. Then wash your car clean. It would reduce damage and cost of extra weight.
  • Don’t stuff your car with household items for your convenience. The Department of Transport upon inspection can seize it. The company will not take responsibility of those items in case of loss, theft, or damage.
  • Look for any leakage in the car and fix your car beforehand in case any problem arises during transportation.
  • Disable your car alarm system to avoid any inconveniency for the transportation driver.

Manage Your Shipment Time to Get delivery In Time

Do not sit idle once you confirm your auto transport management company. Shipping a vehicle requires a considerable amount of time for delivery and unpredictable incidents can further delay it. Set as earlier as possible to get the delivery according to your convenient time. Always keep in touch with your transport agent for updates of your shipment.

Many people undergo this process every day, so rest assured. Just keep these tips in mind and experience a safe, smooth and cost-effective shipment. Now you can relax and prepare for moving to a new place with no extra pressure of moving your car.